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The Perfect Fit  FOR YOU


 Individual consulting anywhere you are in the world


We’ve all heard “you are what you eat”, but how do you know what to eat to make the best version of you who you are?  With The Perfect Fit you will find out exactly that.  I work closely with each client to understand your current diet and explain how the foods your eating could be affecting your body.  You will receive recommended meals and the one on one attention you need to successfully change your eating habits for optimal health. 


Included in the Program: 

  • Initial consultation to understand your goals, lifestyle and food preferences

  • 7 one on one sessions focused on preventing disease or minimizing symptoms 

  • Nutritional deficiency assessment to understand your symptoms

  • Personalized program that addresses your nutritional deficiencies based on your needs

  • Monitor health improvements at every session

  • Learn how food alters genetic expression and body chemistry


Total Investment  $489

(Payment plans available)


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