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The Perfect Fit  FOR COUPLES


 Because doing it together is always better


It can be hard to begin a healthy lifestyle when your spouse, partner or even roommate is not on the same routine as you. Having the support of someone else is proven to help you stay on track.  The couples program will look at both individuals goals, symptons, and prefrences to reccommed plans that can fit your lifestyle together.  Make it easy to shop, cook and optimize your health together.  


Included in the Program: 

  • Initial consultation with both individuals to understand each individuals goals, lifestyle and food preferences

  • 7 couples sessions focused on preventing disease or minimizing symptoms through food

  • Nutritional deficiency assessment to understand your symptoms

  • Personalized program for the couple that incorporates both individual needs for easy meals and shopping 

  • Monitor health improvements at every session

  • Learn how food alters genetic expression and body chemistry



Total Investment  $649

(Payment plans available)


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