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The Perfect Fit  FOR BRIDES


 To look and feel your best on your wedding day


Say “Yes” to the dress AND “Yes” to your health to look and feel your best on your wedding day. Learn what nutrients your body needs to keep your energy up and stress levels down between dress fittings and menu tastings. Let me help you take knowing what to eat off of your plate so you can focus on the big day.  


Included in the Program: 

  • Initial consultation to understand your goals, lifestyle and food preferences

  • 7 one on one sessions focused on preventing disease or minimizing symptoms through food

  • Nutritional deficiency assessment to understand your symptoms

  • Personalized program that addresses your nutritional deficiencies based on the assessment

  • Monitor health improvements at every session

  • Learn how food alters genetic expression and body chemistry

  • 30 miniute consultation with a personal trainer who will create a exercise plan along with The Perfect Fit program

  • Bonus session with revised program for the 2 weeks before the big day 




Total Investment  $549

(Payment plans available)

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