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Welcome to The Perfect Fit! I am so glad you came! As a way to show my appreciation and commitment to helping you achieve your perfect fit, I want to share a little bit about myself and why I chose my path toward living a healthy lifestyle.  

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My Story

My journey towards the perfect fit began as a young child.  I was habitually sick with strep throat, the flu, a cold... you name it.  I cycled through antibiotic therapy basically every other month because my body just didn’t seem to be able to heal itself.  At age 8 I was diagnosed with high cholesterol from living on junk food and by age 10 I was close to 15 pounds overweight, which I carried into my middle school years. The extra weight not only affected my physical health, but also greatly affected my confidence in those very formative years.


Losing weight became my main focus. My high school years were filled with counting calories and trying anything that was labeled "diet". While I did in fact lose weight, it came at a very costly price. I thought being thin would make me healthy, which was so wrong.  I never realized how badly my mental wellbeing would suffer.  Always being conscience of the number of calories I consumed,  the guilt that weighed on me if I ate too much affected me just as much as being overweight. Even though I was now considered thin, I was still self conscious AND still consistently sick.  


My turning point with my health came after college when I started my first job. I quickly realized I could not miss work for 2-3 days every other month because I was “sick”. In all honesty, I was sick of being “sick”. I knew it was time for me to take control of my health and for the first time in a very long time, I felt empowered.  I started by researching healthy lifestyles and what could potentially be causing me to have such a weakened immune system. My research taught me that nutrients from the food I eat on a daily basis help my immune system fight off illnesses and stay strong, which would explain why I was so sickly throughout my life. I never gave my body the fuel it needed to function properly.  I also learned that I had a condition called candida overgrowth from my overuse of antibiotics throughout the years, which led me to start a 3 month candida cleanse in 2005 created by Dr. McCombs. It changed my life and my relationship with food, health, and weight management.  I have been devoted to a healthy, happy, life through food ever since.



On "The Perfect Fit" Program 

The idea for “The Perfect Fit” arose from requests made by my friends and family to help them eat healthier. Some wanted personalized meal recommendations, while others simply wanted me to jot down my own diet.  From my personal experience with food I knew that a change in diet is not a one size fits all kind of a thing. Just because a certain diet or cleanse worked for me did not mean it would work for someone else. Personalization is essential when choosing food for the body. I knew in order to make the best recommendations for a personalized program, I would have to learn about food and nutrition on a scientific level. So, I decided to take my passion to the next level and obtain my certificate in Nutritional Therapy.  As a Nutritional Therapist, I am able to teach you about the importance of eating whole, fresh foods and how they nourish your body to allow it to function at its optimal level. Once you experience the increase in energy your body has from eating the reccommended foods in the program, I promise you will be done with fad diets for good!

The Name

The name “The Perfect Fit” was inspired by someone very close to me. My father opened a clothing store in the 80’s called “The Perfect Fit”.  The goal of the store was to design and sell jeans for every body type so women could buy what they felt was “The Perfect Fit”.  When I was speaking with him about obtaining my Nutritional Therapy certification and designing a program based on individual needs that would fit each person perfectly, he joked and said "A Perfect Fit, like my store". It struck me as the “perfect” way to describe what I would be doing for my clients, so I told him I was stealing the name. “The Perfect Fit” was reborn.


Professional Bio

Angelina graduated cum laude from The University at Albany’s School of Business and received her certification in Nutritional Therapy from The Health Sciences Academy.  She is a member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants and is currently completing courses for her C.N.C. certificate.  Angelina has worked with clients all over the world and focuses on the prevention of disease and minimizing symptoms from health conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, PCOS, Acne and many more. 

I am fortunate that I learned how food affects the body, brain, and psyche in my early 20’s. My objective now is to educate you and create a program that works for your body and lifestyle. Make the decision to invest in yourself and devote the next 7 weeks to change your life through something that you do every day!  I am grateful for the opportunity to guide you and I look forward to our journey. 

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