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The Perfect Fit  FOR MOMS


 To navigate healthy eating with babies,  partners, work and life



Moms and Babies
Family Time

Motherhood is extremely rewarding but it can be overwhelming trying to navigate this new world and find time to feed yourself properly.  Many times our needs fall by the wayside and we end up hurting ourselves by eating packaged and processed food because it's easy or quick.  


Many moms feel frustrated with meal planning, prepping, and even knowing what to eat while breastfeeding... and beyond. Nutrient-rich foods are vital to keeping up your energy, your breast milk supply, and ensuring your milk is the highest quality you can provide.

Over the infant stage?  Finding time to eat a wholesome meal while chasing after your toddler or making 10 trips before dinner to different activities can be exhausting....... but have hope because it is possible and SO gratifying. 


Wherever you are in this journey of motherhood, I am here to help improve your eating habits.  Join me and a group of women (in your same boat) to learn the best foods to eat for your body and your schedule over 7 weeks.

NOTE: Though the mothers with infants group is geared towards exclusively breastfeeding mothers,  I warmly support mothers who do not exclusively breastfeed or even exclusively formula feed to join (and I have personally had to supplement with formula).  This group is open to moms, dads and caretakers!

Total Investment  $249/person

(Payment plans available)


What we'll cover over 7 weeks

  • Initial consultation to understand your goals, lifestyle and food preferences

  • Nutritional deficiency assessment to customize your program  

  • Open forum to discuss food, health, exercise, breastfeeding (if applicable) and all things that come with living a healthy lifestyle

Part 1 - Introduction & Assessment 

1 Week

  • 3 week customized cleanse plan with personalized food recommendations

  • Learn how food alters genetic expression and body chemistry

  • Meal prep guide 

  • Monitor health improvements at every session


Part 2 - Cleanse 

3 Weeks

  • New healthy food additions for a well rounded diet  

  • Coaching on how to live a balanced lifestyle ​

  • Food Swap List 

  • Long-term health and/or weight-loss plan guidance 


Part 3 - Maintenance 

3 Weeks

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